Neumont College Of Computer Science


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Hi, My name is Jamila and I'm a Computer Science major at Neumont College Of Computer Science. I am an aspiring Software developer with a passion for hardware systems. Creativity is my intelligence. I'm originally from Pflugerville Texas (Suburb of Austin). I'm a good listener, I always try to put others before myself, and I try to live life to the fullest.

The classes really do push you to do more than the bare minimum; really preparing you for a job, putting you in situations where you'll have to solve real software development issues, and allowing you to be in a team environment to acquire that experience of working with others. It is a year round college, but you get out quicker and it goes by fast. I'm seeing the new freshman now and I remember being in there shoes a year ago. I've changed a lot and have grown not just with my programming skills, but my life skills. I make decisions differently and I have become more open to people.

Picking a college was probably the most stressful part about my last year of high school. From taking the SAT and ACT, making sure my GPA was satisfying, and writing essays to multiple schools; it's a big decision and a lot of people don't realize that until later in their life. I'm here to give you a real perspective of college, not to waste your time, but to answer any questions you have about living on your own or with roommates, questions about the change and transition, and to answer questions about college in general.

If you want to know more about Neumont or just about college, I am happy to help you if you're looking for that perspective.

Fun Fact:: Despite being a college student I can actually cook!
School Location: Utah
College/University: Neumont College Of Computer Science
College Satisfaction (1-10): 8
Degree: Undergraduate
Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Pflugerville, Texas
High School: Hendrickson
Extra-Curricular Activities (e.g. Clubs, Associations, etc.): Red Cross Blood Donor
Ethnic Heritage: Egyptian, French, and Native American