Tulane University


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Hi y'all my name is Ricki and I'm a senior at Tulane University, a school which could potentially give you four amazing years of fun and education!

I am a student of two colleges in the university; Science and Engineering with Computer Science and Liberal Arts with Linguistics and Spanish. I have been involved with what seems like every club on campus at least for one meeting, but I am a current member of TUWIT (a club that seeks to empower women in technology), NAMI (a mental health awareness club), the Green Club (an environmental activism club), and the Hispanics Language and Culture club. I am also heavily involved with volunteering in the local area; I have served as a conversation partner for a recent transfer to Tulane from China, tutored at local high schools in math, science, and the ACT, I am currently teaching computer classes through the Tulane Community Health Center, and I always am an active member of the Tulane sponsored days of service.

I love my school and would love to give you some insight into college life, both at Tulane and in general. If you're interested, book a tour with me today!

School Location: Louisiana
College/University: Tulane University
College Satisfaction (1-10): 9
Degree: Undergraduate
Year in School: Senior
Major: Computer Science & Linguistics
Hometown: Monson, MA
High School: Belchertown High School
Athletic Participation: Intramural Sports- Volley Ball, Soccer
Extra-Curricular Activities (e.g. Clubs, Associations, etc.): TUWIT, ESL Conversation Partner, NAMI, Green Club, Hispanic Languages and Culture Club, Volunteering