Dartmouth College - Thayer College of Engineering


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Hi, my name is Megan McCabe and I am a sophomore at Dartmouth College. I am pursuing two engineering degrees at Dartmouth, an AB in engineering sciences and a BE in biomedical engineering and device design, as well as a minor in Economics.

The Thayer school of Engineering at Dartmouth has offered me many opportunities to get involved, in and outside of the classroom. My freshman year I applied to do paid research through the Women In Science Program. After I was accepted, I started working in the Dartmouth Biomedical Engineering Center, analyzing the plastic component that goes into knee replacements. I have continued working in the lab this year, receiving funding again as a Sophomore Science Scholar, and building upon the research I did last year. Inside the classroom, Thayer courses are really hands-on. I am currently taking a class that requires me to work with a group to invent, design, build, and test a new engineering product in one quarter. Throughout the process, Thayer professors and employees train my classmates and I on how to use all of the different machines, computers, and other equipment available to students in the engineering school.

Outside of the engineering school, I am also a student leader at the Aquinas House Catholic Student Center on campus and I run with the Dartmouth Running Team. Every week I take a break from my studies by running along the beautiful New Hampshire trails with the running team and by helping cook community meals for the Aquinas House community.

I am thrilled to be a Dartmouth student and I would love to talk to any prospective students, especially those with an interest in engineering. I have taken advantage of many of the opportunities Dartmouth, and Thayer in particular, have to offer and I would love to give advice or answer questions of prospective students.

School Location: New Hampshire
College/University: Dartmouth College
College Satisfaction (1-10): 9
Degree: Undergraduate
Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Engineering Sciences, AB, Biomedical Engineering, BE
Hometown: Alamo, CA
High School: Monte Vista High School
Athletic Participation: Dartmouth Running Team
Extra-Curricular Activities (e.g. Clubs, Associations, etc.): Society of Women Engineers, Dartmouth Emerging Engineers, Aquinas House Catholic Student Center
Religion: Catholic