Information about CampusRebels


As a prospective student, you are also a prospective consumer in the industry of higher-education.  Choosing the right college is a pivotal and far-reaching decision.  It is a decision that will not only dictate the next two to four years, but will likely impact the rest of your life.  So why are current campus tours still a one-size fits all sales tactic brought to you by the sellers themselves - the universities?  Traditional campus tours are almost indistinguishable - each college will show you their best campus sites, facilities and offer a glowing pitch on academics, extra-curricular opportunities, the social scene and post-grad job prospects.

consumer, however, would not purchase an expensive product without hearing from the customers first or buy a home without doing their own independent house and neighborhood inspection. Clearly, this same general principal applies to choosing the right school.  You need additional and much more personal information.  You need to know if a particular school and its community are right for YOU.   And, as you finalize your decision, you need access to critical, differentiating facts to compare one school against another.  You deserve a non-biased, personalized look into the colleges that you are interested in so that you can make an informed and confident decision about your education and career.


This is where 
Campus Rebels come in.  Rebels are students matched up specifically to you by the platform to provide personalized insider Rebel Tourstm - or to meet with you for private (campus or off-campus) Anywhere Briefingstm  to offer unfiltered  information about their respective colleges so that you have all the necessary data and insights to make the right choice.  

Here is why connecting with a College Rebel is a must as you make your college decision: 

Get the Whole Scoop
While college tours are useful to get a sense of the campus, you will be "sold" the rosiest of pictures. Find out what life on campus and off-campus really like – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Truly and Accurately Determine Your Campus Fit 
Use our platform to personalize the experience by matching with, touring with or simply meeting with a person who is like you, whether it's a similar cultural or geographic background, academic interest or professional orientation.

Hidden Information
Would you buy a house without hiring your own inspector to uncover hidden information? College Rebels disclose important trends and facts that are often not revealed during the formal college tour, and that you need to make a fully informed decision.

Honest, Face-to-Face Answers By Current Students
Learn directly from current students about what is really happening in the classrooms, and the quality and accessibility of instructors; learn about about post-graduation employment services and track-record; and discover other critical information that any prospective consumer requires and that only actual consumers can frankly provide. 

Admissions Insight
There is a ton of, often conflicting, admissions information and rumors out there. College Rebels are  helpful in sharing their  admission experiences, strategies and decision-making process to help you with your own admissions plan.